M&M’s Toys


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M&Ms  Candy Dispenser — M&Ms Drop Onto SeeSaw To Raise Character

Price: CAD$40 Tax Included


M&M’s Make A Splash Chocolate Candy Dispenser

Price: CAD $40 Tax Included

M&M limited edition motorcycle candy dispenser

  • M&M’s Red White & Blue Motorcycle Candy Dispenser.
  • This is the red, white and blue M &M’s candy dispenser.
  • This dispenser features the Cool Blue M & M wearing sunglasses and riding a red motor cycle with a red and white striped gas tank with a blue patch with white stars.
  • Attached to it is a side car matching the gas tank. Just fill the compartment under his hat, and push down on the right foot to dispense the candy into the car.

Price: CAD $50 Tax Included


M&M Golf Mulligan-ville Candy Dispenser by M & M’s

Price: CAD $120 Tax Included


M&M’s Candy Dispenser – Wild Things Roller-Coaster – Limited Edition

  • Featuring Green & Red m&m’s characters in blue roller coaster
  • Includes a 150 grams bag of m&m chocolate candy
  • New Classic Collectible Limited Edition (2nd Edition from M & M’s)
  • Suitable for 3 years and up

Price: CAD $50Tax Included